5 Office arrangement tips for improving the employee’s productivity

With the various benefits desired, the company must think about how to make its employees generate innovative ideas. One way is to provide a decent office space. The right space and Office Furniture arrangement can make it easier for them to increase Work Productivity.

Here are some simple ways that can be used in managing office space:

1. From Assessment and Opinion

Begin by first finding out the employees’ judgment with the state of the previous room. They will also answer and express opinions if you ask. You do not have to ask face to face, just make a questioner or take advantage of the existing network at the office. In their opinion, you can make that as a consideration in changing the order of the room.

2. Optimize Meeting Room

You should also improve the facilities of the meeting room. It’s Because that’s where the ideas together will be born to the company. Give a coffee bar or table that anyone can use. That way the employees will feel comfortable there and there will be many interactions as well.

3. Combine with Technology

Another step that can be done is to combine workspace with technology. Technology can make it easier for them to get the latest information. It also makes it easier for them to complete their tasks. For example by adding the internet.

4. Not Full

Give them space that is not full of furniture. The room is full and crowded it will add pressure and make it difficult for them to think. Give space wide space, the placement of goods do not carelessly. Put the personal computer on the table that facilitates movement. No need to add unnecessary items.

5. Do not Turn Your Back Window

In laying a table or chairs do not face the wall. It would be better if facing to the window. Because it will broaden their view. A wider view will make it easier for them to get inspired.