Avoiding accidents on the road

In traveling sometimes things without us realize can cause traffic accidents if we are not careful in driving through only trivial things but if not paid attention can cause fatal accidents on the highway can even lead to death. Of course, this does not want to happen to us, for that how important the control of the vehicle before traveling especially when going long journey is something that must be done as a major part in preventing traffic accidents. Meanwhile, you can also hire Rescue Lawyers to solve your traffic accident cases and trials.

awareness of road safety will always be our duty in driving for the sake of safety together, for that Galihstarblog sharing tips to prevent traffic accidents on the highway following tip:

1. Vehicle

checking / controlling the vehicle to be on the journey make sure all the components that can cause the accident to work properly and check all the completeness of the vehicle.


the completeness of the vehicle’s letters includes vehicle registration and driver’s license whenever traveling if there is operation in the heart stays so that the journey will also be more concentrated. then other fittings such as the rearview mirror, lights, and also helmets, and jackets, gloves, and blinders. of course signs along the highway we must obey.

3. Be alert

why the importance of driving ethics on the street? that the causes of accidents 90persen of which is the driver’s own factor, it would be nice if the awareness of driving can be planted in the possibility of an accident can be pressed. Driving alert here means all senses always always response to things that could allow the occurrence of accidents such as maintaining the distance to the vehicle in front of and behind ourselves, reducing the speed if road conditions are not as good as many holes or uneven, broad forward to the road we pass, understand exactly when to brake and stop or continue walking especially when there are people crossing the street, if there are inconsiderate riders are behind or in front of us it would be nice to stay away from reducing the speed or let the preceding, when we will overtake make sure the conditions in front safe.