SEO Mistake You May Not Create

Hiring the best service from can help you avoid making search engine optimization mistakes, which could bring negative effects to your site and online business. SEO is not just webmaster tool but a combination of various other analyzes. The following are some of SEO mistakes people, especially those who aren’t skilled make when implementing SEO.

Focus on SEO and forget about content

Many bloggers are busy optimizing his blog with SEO tricks, installing keywords, magic codes. Even to use fraudulent tricks in order to appear on the first page of search engines. Actually in our opinion, SEO is not a priority, SEO is only number two. Later. Most importantly it is quality blog content. Even if you use the most demotic SEO tricks, if your content is not of quality, still you will be eliminated from the first page of google.

Not Using mobile-friendly design

What is a mobile-friendly design? Since mobile devices have grown so rapidly these days, so many people often access the internet using mobile (Smartphone and Tablet) instead of using the Desktop (laptop and PC).