The difference between Data and Service servers

This server serves to store and provide data from or and to computers that exist in a network. So all the data activities that exist in one organization/company can be accommodated by this type of server. The form itself can be data files and folders like that owned by other computers on the network, or data entered into the database file or database. The server that stores the same files and folders as another computer on the network is called File Server, while the server running the specified database software is called the database server. In the meantime, you might want to visit to check out the available discounts for hosting services.

On the other hand, the Service server is a server that serves to provide a service related to the network. This type of server is the backbone of the internet today. Since many internet services such as hosting, DNS, DHCP, Apache, IIS are run by this type of server.Not only in the Internet network alone, in an organization’s network service servers are widely used as for the needs of DHCP, proxy, directory service (directory service), where one of these service services required by other computers on the network.