These are Three Ways You Can Do If Your Car Is Dead Because The Battery Is Inside Damaged

Batteries in damaged or dry cars will usually cause some damage to most car components. One of the disadvantages you can receive from damaging the car battery is that the car engine can not start and you can not use the car. the battery does serve as a good maintainer and jump starter for your car components. So, the battery should always be maintained and maintained properly.

Usually, the batteries are damaged or dry will make the car engine broke down and will not turn on. If this happens, then there are several ways you can do. Some of these ways are

1. By using the charging tool
This tool can be used if the location of the car broke down there is a power source that can be used to turn the charger tool. using this tool is quite easy, you can install the red cable to the positive terminal of the battery, plug the black cable into the negative terminal. If on the tool there is a choice of numbers 12V or 24V then select the appropriate with the car battery. usually, many people choose 12V. after that, then you can plug the device into a power source and then turn on the car.

2. Use the jumper caber
Cars that have damaged batteries can be turned on with the help of another car or use jumper cable. Therefore it is highly recommended that this jumper cable always available in the car, especially on cars that use an automatic transmission. Because the car cannot be turned on by way of being pushed. However, keep in mind that the car that will help the car that strike must have battery capacity is greater.

3. Push the car
If both ways succeed, then all you can do is push the car. however, this applies only to mobile using a manual transmission. Cars with automatic transmission cannot be turned on by way of being driven and can only be turned on by replacing the existing battery in it.